Is Someone Looking Under the Hood of Your Website For the Right Stuff?

Like it or not, your website is your organization’s “calling card”. It’s where your online relationship starts (or ends) with target audiences. So, it can’t be “out-of-step” with them. However, that is the reality when several people — each with their own agenda, build, maintain and monitor its’ effectiveness. So, how do you prevent visitors leaving your site wandering what you’re all about or whether they can trust you?

A Solution Driven by a Communications Perspective

Your website will achieve its goals (e.g., for conversion, user experience and reputation) when it resonates with visitors’ hearts and minds. This requires applying a communications discipline that goes beyond ensuring the consistency of corporate and/or product messages — but aligns all the website elements that cause visitors to resonate with your content:

  • Text
  • Design
  • Navigation
  • Media
  • Interactivity
  • UX and Accessibility

Website Content and Trust Audits

But who has the time to review and assess all the communications elements that create a well-appreciated, trusted and high-performing website? Certainly, you don’t. This is where we come in. We’ve been conducting website content and trust audits since 2006.

We deliver to you:

  • A qualitative/quantitative review of each website page’s strengths/weaknesses
  • Actionable recommendations for each website page
  • A playbook and timetable for how best to prioritize and make the changes

Website Content and Trust Audit Priced Affordably

Because we’re communications experts, our Website Content and Trust Audit t is a fraction of the price charged by creative agencies. So that it can easily fit into your budget, the audit is based on the number of website pages you want analyzed.

Packages include reviews of:

  • 10 webpages
  • 11 to 29 webpages
  • 30 or more webpages

Regardless of which package your chose, the price per page is always less than $200.

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