Is it tough getting employee compliance, buy-in and enthusiasm?

“Zoom fatigue”, “email overload”, and ambivalence with your intranet and social platforms prevent your employees having the emotional connection they want (and need) to have with your organization. When that connection is weak, employee communications — from any department or level — lose their impact.

A solution that is versatile and practical

Employee podcasts strengthen connections with employees in ways unlike any other communications channel (i.e., blogs, email, intranet, town halls, social platforms). That’s why they are used for:

  • CEO/Leader updates and fireside chats
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Training and development
  • Team, product or service updates
  • Executive/Leader branding

Turnkey Employee Podcasts

But who has the time to pull together and manage employee podcasts? Certainly, you don’t. This is where we come in. We’ve been producing podcasts since 2006.

Our turnkey product delivers to you podcasts which meet your internal corporate brand/identity standards and reinforce your communications plans. Our turnkey product includes everything you need, including:

  • Podcast strategy that supports your communications plan
  • Podcast episode scripts/outlines
  • Facilitated guest hosting
  • Produced and edited audio files
  • Measuring and reporting framework

Turnkey Employee Podcasts Priced Affordably

Because we’re communications experts, our turnkey employee podcast is a fraction of the price charged by podcast producers (who don’t have communications experience). You can choose turnkey employee podcast packages of:

  • 3 podcast episodes
  • 6 podcast episodes
  • 10 podcast episodes
  • 18 podcast episodes

Regardless of which package, the price per episode for audio podcasts is less than $1000. The price per episode for video podcasts is less than $1400.

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