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The Swear Jar Podcast

Pour a cup of tea, put your phone on stun and settle in for some great conversations with some of the smartest communicators we know. From technology to trust to diversity, we tackle it all with a bit of humour, a bit of irreverence and a lot of insight.

Stuck in the Communications Drive-Thru Window

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in order-taking mode and cranking out tons of materials they know aren’t that good or aren’t that necessary? If you find yourself in this situation, don't despair! You can take actions that get you out of the "drive-thru" and place you firmly in the driver's seat.

Greatest Hits (Volume 1)

Want to see what The Swear Jar is all about? Well, it's about practical and actionable insights that Employee Communications professionals can use --- across industries. Our Greatest Hits (Volume 1) highlights insights from 10 of our most popular episodes.

Communicators are COVID-19 Superheroes

Now is the time for Fearless Communicators to capitalize on the heightened credibility gained by being COVID-19 superheroes during the pandemic. That means keep listening, keep capturing and telling stories. It's also the perfect time to demand a seat at the grown-up table and the resources to sustain the excellent foundations they've created.

COVID-19: What the Hell?

In this episode of The Swear Jar, we reflect on the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic and the vital and shifting role Fearless communicators played.

The Curtain Rises on “Measurement Theatre”

Measuring the impact of employee communications is more essential than ever. But, employee communications have to contend with "Measurement Theatre" which hampers their ability to measure and be effective. In this episode of The Swear Jar, we help Fearless Communicators address this challenge and avoid its negative consequences.

Some of Our Inspiring Guests

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