I Think We Have a Loose Connection

Establishing and sustaining a strong emotional bond is something every organization should place on senior leadership’s regular agenda and actively managing. The folks at Happeo have just released research addressing the degree to which employees actually feel connected to their organizations. Their Global Communications Manager, Jonathan Davies, walks us through the findings.

Greatest Hits (Volume 1)

Want to see what The Swear Jar is all about? Well, it's about practical and actionable insights that Employee Communications professionals can use --- across industries. Our Greatest Hits (Volume 1) highlights insights from 10 of our most popular episodes.

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Communicators are COVID-19 Superheroes

Now is the time for Fearless Communicators to capitalize on the heightened credibility gained by being COVID-19 superheroes during the pandemic. That means keep listening, keep capturing and telling stories. It's also the perfect time to demand a seat at the grown-up table and the resources to sustain the excellent foundations they've created.

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