Are You “Getting Through” to Employees and Other Key Stakeholders?

If you’ve recently joined an organization as a member of the leadership team — or have changed titles within the last 18 months — success in your new role depends on how you’re perceived. So, have you planned out how you want to be thought of by employees, colleagues and other key stakeholders?

A Solution Rooted in Your Reality

Having a strong, consistent and relevant “brand” isn’t as easy as sending out a company-wide email or conducting a town hall every quarter. When, where, and how you choose to communicate is observed, interpreted and interpreted all the time by people throughout your organization.

That’s why it is critical to take hold of your brand and shape a reality that helps you -– and by extension –- your organization succeed.

Executive Brand-Building

But who has the time to pull together, measure and manage your personal brand? Certainly, you don’t. This is where we come in. We’ve been helping leaders establish, hone and repair their personal brands for over a decade – including, establishing a series for the Financial Post on C-suite communications.

Our Executive Brand-Builder product includes:

  • An analysis of how you are perceived by employees (and other key stakeholders)
  • A structured action plan that builds on, and reinforces, the image you want to have
  • Directions based on the most likely organizational scenarios that could erode your brand
  • An analysis of colleagues/network members who can best protect/reinforce your brand
  • Achievable and trackable measures of success

Executive Brand-Building Priced Affordably

Because we’re communications experts, our product is a fraction of the price charged by executive coaches (who don’t have experience with employee communications, media communications, analyst communications, investor communications or customer communications).

The price of Executive Brand-Building ranges between $3500 and $4500.

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