The COVID Chronicles:

Using Corporate Stories to Build Trust, Meaning and Engagement in Uncertain Times.

For decades, corporate storytelling has played a critical role in strengthening the emotional bond between organizations and their employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, stories are even more important! That’s why corporate storytelling is used as a key management tool to increase employee engagement and productivity across functions, teams, projects, and geographies.

But, to achieve positive results from storytelling means you must be able to craft, time and tell stories well.

Ideal for:

  • Corporate communications professionals
  • Employee communications professionals
  • HR leaders
  • Department or team leaders

Key ‘How to’ Takeaways:

  • Why we need stories now more than ever
  • How to find and capture your organization’s COVID stories
  • When to (and not to) use corporate stories
  • Types of stories

Our Virtual Workshop is:

  • 90 minutes
  • Delivered via Zoom
  • $99 (CDN)

Workshop Extras Include:

  • A handy story-building worksheet
  • Membership in a growing community of employee communicators
  • 15 minutes of consulting (per organization) with Elizabeth or Andrew

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