Under the Gun For Practically Everything?

The scope of communications plans continues to grow. Plans increasingly include activities driven by colleagues in HR, Marketing, PR, IT, Legal and/or the Executive. But, while your plan’s scope has expanded, the resources you need to achieve its increased number and complex objectives haven’t grown to keep pace. In fact, your supervisor may be asking you to “do more with less”.

A Solution That Provides Confidence

A thorough and structured review increases your ability to achieve your most important communications goals because it:

  • Validates your work and insights
  • Identifies potential “land mines” before they create costly problems
  • Provides a practical methodology to compare plans by quarter (or year-over-year)
  • Demonstrates diligence to skeptical supervisors/executives

Communications Plan Reviews

You don’t have the time, or the third-party objectivity, needed to ensure your communications plan can truly achieve its goals. That’s where we come in. We’ve been creating and evaluating communications plans since 1997.

Our Communications Plan Review is built on a rigorous evaluative framework that analyzes all the following elements:

  • The draft communications plan(s) and associated research
  • The process for developing the communication plan
  • The roll-out of the communications plan (including resourcing)
  • The monitoring of the communications plan goals
  • The reporting on the communications plan

Communications Plan Review Priced Affordably

Because we’re communications experts, our Communications Plan Review:

  • Includes actionable and prioritized recommendations
  • Is delivered within 30 days*
  • Includes a version that is easily presented to Executives

The price for the Communications Plan Review aimed at employees only is less than $3000. The price for the Communications Plan Review aimed at employees and external stakeholders is less than $4000.

*Assumes access to all relevant documents and stakeholders

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