The D-Word: How to stop worrying and start communicating about inclusion, diversity and equity

Michael Kaneva, Chief Diversity Officer at Export Development Canada joins us on The Swear Jar to work through why we’re so afraid to confront the ugly truths that underpin the need for ID&E programs in organizations.

Hitting the Right Nerve: Using Neuroscience to Assess, Predict, Measure and Build Trust

We’ve got years of data supporting the idea that people in high trust organizations are happier and outperform those in lower trust places. We get the inside scoop from Dr. Paul Zak on how Neuroscience helps us assess, predict, measure and build trust.

The Right Measuring Mindset

If you're grappling with measuring employee communications, you're not alone. Here are some of the reasons why -- and some resources to help you become even more successful whenever you measure employee communications.

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When Leaders Suck at Communications

Recent months have put many executives into the spotlight at some point to communicate with their employees, customers and others. Some have risen to the occasion to inform, engage and inspire. Many more have, well, not done those things. The sad truth is many executives are really not very good communicators. Three reasons for poor [...]

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