It seems like it was just yesterday when the prospect of leveraging build screens as an internal communications tool was out of reach. And the reasons were plentiful:

  • The technology was too expensive;
  • Since big screens were the purview of the IT department, they alone designed, installed, and maintained the screens; and
  • Because of the cost of big screens, they’d only be used for almost anything other than trying to engage and inspire employees.

But things have changed drastically.

Now, big screens are increasingly part of the employee communications toolbox — or, “tech stack”. So, now the key question is, How do we prevent them from being as marginalized as the Health & Safety poster in the lunchroom on the bulletin board placed under the “Looking to sell my used crock pot” ad?

Well, we answer this question and unearth how employee communications professionals can actually use these screens to advance important communications goals. And, to do this, we sit down with Sean Matthews – President and CEO of Visix.

Visix is an enabler of big screen technologies that helps companies around the globe manage these hard assets and the content that gets served up on them.

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During our lively discussion, we tackle the following topics:

  • Myths about “big screens” in employee communications
  • How to determine if you’re ready to use “big screens”
  • The strengths and weaknesses of “big screens” fo employee communications
  • The unique power of “big screens” in employee communications 
  • Best practices for using “big screens” in employee communications

By all means, give this episode of The Swear Jar a listen and let us know what you think.

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