Robert Gold is well-known throughout the Canadian business community as a thought-leader, an early adopter of technology and a trusted advisor to growing companies of all shapes and sizes.

Because he helps organizations across industries successfully navigate their growth, he has a broad view of how and why organizations are going to emerge post-pandemic. And, while it’s true that our discussion with Robert ping-pongs wildly, we felt only slightly exhausted — but truly invigorated.

Good News

Elizabeth, Robert and I discussed a wide range of topics on what is causing our work realities to evolve. And we reflect on how they’re shaping communications within organizations.

We touched upon several topics critical to the success of employee communicators including:

  • Trust and productivity
  • Evolving expectations of employers
  • Evolving expectations of employees
  • Hybrid working models
  • The importance of employers and employees listening
  • The evolution/convergence of individual and collective purpose

What was that again?

Because we cover a lot of ground in this episode, chances are you’ll want to listen to it a couple of times. Certainly Elizabeth and I concluded that the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is moving quickly but, if it’s an oncoming train, employee communicators can indeed be prepared for it. 

This podcast episode is a great complement to The Swear Jar episode, I Think We Have a Loose Connection where Happeo’s Global Communications Manager reveals some research findings about how connected employees are to organizations.

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