The Great Undesked – Are Your Communications Treating Them Well?


The “Great Undesked” is a segment of the workforce that often gets forgotten, neglected, underserviced and sometimes even scapegoated by employers.

The Great Undesked Walk Among Us

Just think about nurses, insurance agents, healthcare givers, drivers, miners, grocery store workers, care takers and couriers — just to name a few. These workers, who are critical to the success of so many organizations and communities, are rarely glued to their screens. So, what’s an Employee Communications professional to do to effectively engage and inspire them?

The Same But Different

In this episode of The Swear Jar, we explore what makes the great undesked unique, reveal myths about these hard-working and committed employees and talk about how to effectively build trust with them.

A path forward – just listen to The Swear Jar

Our guest is the ever-passionate CEO of Red E App, Jonathan Erwin — who, by the way, extends a very generous discount on his company’s communications tool (Red E App) to listeners of The Swear Jar Chances are your organization includes members of this critical (and fast growing) segment of the workforce. Listen in to find out how you can best communicate with the great undesked!

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