Whether you like it or not, your current, past and potential employees are talking sh*t about you online. It might be nice sh*t or it might be nasty sh*t, but the truth is, if you’re not paying attention, someone else is owning the narrative about your brand. 

That’s probably why fewer than 1 in 4 companies even bother to respond when someone leaves a review on Glassdoor, Indeed, Google or the countless other places (like Facebook, Reddit etc.) that people talk about what it’s like to work at or apply to work at your organization. 

The primary reason these little gifts go unopened is that most organizations don’t have the people, the processes or the playbook to do a good job of responding. And that’s a shame since the vast majority of candidates read at least four reviews before they decide to apply. 

And guess who else is reading that nasty sh*t? That’s right, your customers, investors, suppliers, partners and regulators. Sometimes even the media. as Canada’s Governor General, recently discovered.

This episode takes you through the ABC approach to employer reviews.

Key Topics

  • Why reviews are a fu*king gift(2:04)
  • Why employers ignore them anyway (6:00)
  • What to do when sh*t gets nasty (7:20)
  • What about the nice sh*t people say? (9:00)
  • Getting leaders onside (10:35)
  • Getting people to say nicer sh*t (12:50)
  • Why you need a system to manage reviews (13:55)
  • Why you need a process to manage reviews (18:00)
  • What we’re liking (24:15)

ABC Resources Highlighted in this Episode

Other Resources Highlighted in this Episode



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[1] Zak, P. 2017. The Neuroscience of Trust. Harvard Business Review

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