We’ve been at this remote work thing for long enough that you’d think managers and executives would be pretty good at communicating with their teams. Wouldn’t you? But that’s not what’s happening.

Despite the fancy technology and the creeping acceptance of dogs, babies, Amazon deliveries and knowing too much about your coworkers’ bedrooms, the truth is, we’re not doing a good job of communicating remotely.

To learn more, we went to the guy who literally wrote (okay, co-wrote) the book on remote work, Wayne Turmel of the Remote Leadership Institute

We talked about how the adrenaline of those early pandemic days has given way to exhaustion. We looked at the barriers (and opportunities) some of that shiny new tech offers and we challenge managers to step up their skills and their communications focus to start brining a little humanity into the  productivity-driven workday. 

Key Topics

  • The shiny veneer of remote work cracks (1:35)
  • Managers keep flailing (4:08)
  • Technology is not our friend; it’s our job (7:55)
  • Writing actually matters — also emojis  (11:35)
  • Building trust in the workplace (17:30)
  • The new abnormal (25:20)

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