by Elizabeth Williams

In this article, published in Software Business Growth, Andrew and Elizabeth make the case for leaving the communications budget alone. Tempting as it is, in these times, to cut costs, the one area most organizations can’t afford to skimp on is engaging employees and building trust.

There is an uncomfortable conversation taking place right now in the boardroom of every growth-focused software company across North America. If it hasn’t happened in your board room yet, it will soon. If the conversation goes well, you increase the likelihood that your company survives (and potentially thrives) in these difficult times. When it goes poorly, your company’s chances of weathering the storm that is COVID-19 plummets.

The conversation focuses on ifhow, and when to stop funding employee communications. That’s because as the impact of the pandemic spreads throughout your business, leaders like you must find ways to reduce expenses while sustaining (or increasing) productivity. And, if your employee communications function has yet to prove that it contributes to your company’s goals, surely, no one would fault you for cutting it and reallocating resources to areas that more visibly keep your business going, right?

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