Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

by Elizabeth Williams

Incredibly, it’s still 2020. The year that just won’t end. Yet our Fearless Communicator community is once again pulling long days just trying to keep up with Wave II of the pandemic. Tiny lights of hope dot a distant horizon, but most of us just can’t lift our heads away from the day-to-day to think about a time that doesn’t seem to revolve around reacting and recoiling instead of reflecting and planning.

So, weary friends, we offer this: find 30 minutes in the next few days and pick one of the things below. Just one thing that can move you a tiny bit closer to preparing for another year of uncertainty. Should you find another 30 minutes, do one other tiny thing, and so on. It’s not perfect, but it will do.

  1. Write down a COVID story your organization can tell in the future
  2. Read an article or catch a podcast — here’s one to get you started
  3. Send a pulse survey to see how a group of employees are doing
  4. Work on an employee persona – let us know if you need a template to get started
  5. Meet with the CEO to see what she needs employees to be focused on in January
  6. Revisit your dreary holiday message to employees — seriously, you’re not going to wish them a healthy, happy time with family and friends again this year, are you?
  7. Pull out a project you shelved back in March — Is it still relevant? Can you adapt it?
  8. Book a bit of PD time – check out our upcoming workshop on measuring impact
  9. Update your LinkedIn profile (you just never know…)
  10. List the skills your team needs to hone to take on 2021
  11. Identify the communications skills your managers and leaders will need for next year
  12. Respond to one review on Glassdoor or Indeed

We’d love to hear what other things you are doing to get ready for 2021. Whatever you do, make sure you set aside an extra half hour today or tomorrow for yourself.