It’s Been a Wild Ride So Far!

In producing The Swear Jar podcast we’ve tackled the good, the bad and the truly ugly in employee communications/internal communications. But why would we do that? Well, it’s because we are determined to provide practical and actionable insights to Employee Communications professionals — across industries. And, we do that because, quite frankly, Fearless Communicators need tools and advice so that they can ensure that employee communications are awesome, aligned and authentic (BTW, that’s The Fearless Communicator’s credo).

In recording The Swear Jar podcast, we’ve welcomed authors, subject matter experts, other podcasters and editors — and we’ve taken a few swipes at things that could be a lot better (like town halls and budgets).. This episode, Greatest Hits (Volume 1), is a great place to start if you’re new to The Swear Jar podcast. Here, we briefly touch on nuggets of insight from 10 of our most popular podcast episodes, including:

*Over Communicating is Really Stupid

*Communications Can’t Solve All Your Sh*t

*The Culture-Communication Continuum

*Once Upon a Time (The Art of Stories and Storytelling)

*When Executives Suck at Communications

*When Employee Communications Has No Budget

*Facilitation in the New Real World

*Shut Up and Listen

*Speaking Truth to Bull Sh*t

*A Lawyer and a Communications Professional Walk into a Bar

ABC Resources Highlighted in this Episode

Other Resources Highlighted in this Episode

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