Episode Summary

Following on our earlier podcast, COVID-19: What the Hell? Andrew and Elizabeth take a few minutes to celebrate the extraordinary work of organizational communicators during the first six months of the pandemic.

Many of these hardworking professionals found themselves neck deep in the panic, uncertainty and tumult of the early Spring, yet managed to do the heavy lifting of helping leaders and organizations build trust and create a sense of shared purpose. And not only among a newly remote workforce, but also, importantly, among workers who stayed on the front lines.

Along the way, they also built new communications platforms on the fly, figured out how to lure reluctant executives into communicating more than they might like, and built new, more agile processes for approval.

Now is the time to capitalize on our new credibility and utility. Communicators need to keep listening, keep capturing and telling stories and to more confidently demand a seat at the grown-up table and the resources to sustain the excellent foundations they have created.

Key Topics:

  • Communicators build trust, reach and engagement 1:40
  • Demonstrating value to the business and building new bridges 5:00
  • New artifacts, stories and processes 6:40
  • Credibility, listening and what’s next 10:30
  • What we’re liking 18:20

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