Newsletters vs. Podcasts


Employee Communications professionals beware….the next new(ish) thing is here! That’s right, corporate podcasts have descended upon us. That means we’ve got to figure out:

  • If corporate podcasts are worth using
  • What corporate podcasts are great (and not so great) at
  • How to use corporate podcasts to help us achieve our employee communications goals
  • How to get the most from corporate podcasts
  • The limitations of corporate podcasting

And, here’s the big thing: We’ve got to really get our heads around if, how and when to use corporate podcasts when compared with the sometimes venerated (and often scorned) corporate newsletter.

In this Corner: Podcast Guru, Jonathan Davies

To get the latest on corporate podcasts and corporate podcasting, we turned to Happeo’s podcast guru, Jonathan Davies.

Together with my podcaster-in-crime, Elizabeth Williams, I sat down with Jonathan to tackle the issues that employee communications professionals — across industries — have with corporate podcasts.

What You Can Do

In The Swear Jar episode, Corporate Podcasts: Are they just the new corporate newsletter? we help employee communications professionals figure out if, how and when corporate podcasts are worth going to the mat for, or if they should throw in the towel. That means we cover key topics including:

  • Trends in corporate podcast usage
  • Expectations about corporate podcasts (incl. risks, costs and outcomes)
  • Critical success factors for corporate podcasts to be an effective tool for employee communications
  • How and when to choose corporate podcasts over corporate newsletters

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