Episode Summary

In this episode, Andrew and Elizabeth riff on the sad fact that an awful lot of executives really don’t communicate well, and the profound implications that can have for their organizations in terms of engagement, productivity, retention and performance.  

We look at the three primary ways in which executives typically suck at communicating – not viewing it as strategic, not communicating when they should and just plain doing it badly.

We discuss the key role communications plays in building trust and a strong employer brand and we look at one global organization that enabled its leadership teams to do a great job during a difficult time.

We also offer Fearless Communicators some tips on what skills their executives really should be developing and how to start the conversation about making some improvements.

Key Topics

  • Why executives suck at communicating (1:35)
  • Elizabeth blames MBA programs (2:45)
  • Anyone can learn to communicate (4:22)
  • Why they drop the ball (5:13)
  • The Great Communication Fallacy (8:40)
  • The high cost of lousy communications (10:50)
  • The great value of good communications and a case study (13:18)
  • How to start fixing terrible leader communications (18:13)
  • Summary (22:15)
  • What we’re liking (22:56)

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