Episode Summary

In this edition, Elizabeth and Andrew chew on the very large topic of employee town halls – both physical and virtual – and discuss why they mostly suck.

From unreadable slides to bloated agendas to overall pointlessness, there are plenty of examples of truly terrible town halls out there. We look at the nine key reasons why they’re so terrible, and discuss the primary underlying problem, which is a complete lack of employee centricity.

Town halls are generally created by and for executives, not for the people who consume them. Which sort of sets up an inherent suckiness right out of the gate. Add in too many presenters, lousy sound, little to no planning and poor measurement and there you go. They suck.

Happily, there are many things Fearless Communicators can do to turn your next sh*t show into an organizational triumph of engagement, vision and culture!

Key Topics

  • A horrible example (1:28)
  • Reason #1: A river in Egypt (3:00)
  • Reason #2: Too much content (5:00)
  • Reason #3: Too many speakers (6:35)
  • Reason #4: Terrible delivery (8:40)
  • Reason #5: Not respecting employees’ time (10:56)
  • Reason #6: The wrong reasons (11:58)
  • Reason #7: No lessons (34:03)
  • Reason #8: Lousy listening (14:00)
  • Reason #9: No metrics (16:05)
  • Getting back on track: (17:30)
  • Summary (29:00)
  • What we’re liking (31:22)

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