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Upcoming Workshops
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Employee Change Communications That Work:
Practical strategies for planned (and not-so-planned) changes

1-Day Workshop
Jan. 28 (Toronto)

Workshop Details

Find, Hire and Keep the Best Employees:
Employee Communications to (…well, the title pretty well says it all)

Leaders! Give Voice to Your Vision:
Communications to align and mobilize everyone in your organization

Keeping Your Project on the Rails
Employee Communications for Project Managers

Communications Professional:
Tired of juggling newsletters, intranet content, road shows,
and the crisis-du-jour, with no support?

We’ve been there. Done that. Got the crappy travel mug to prove it.
We know how exhausting and frustrating it is to be pulled in many directions at the same time.

Our workshops help you be recognized as the strategic powerhouse that you are.

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Create a Vibrant and Successful Community:
Employee Communications that Break Down Organizational ‘Silos’

Employee Change Communications That Work:
Practical strategies for communicating planned (and not-so-planned) change.

1-Day Workshop
Jan 8 (Toronto)

Workshop Details

The Communicator’s Basecamp:
New to organizational communications? Let us show you the ropes so you can start making an impact right away.

HR Professionals:
You’re expected to build your organization’s workforce and sustain an amazing culture. You’re also responsible for leading change, and, while you’re at it, ensuring compliance.

Our workshops help you do all that – and even find time to catch a breath – by leveraging employee communication.

HR Professional - Upcoming Workshops - Learn More

Create a Vibrant and Successful Community:
Employee Communications that Break Down Organizational ‘Silos’

The Communicator’s Basecamp:
New to organizational communications? Let us show you the ropes so you can start making an impact right away.

Capture Employees Hearts and Minds:
Employee Communications that Support and Strengthen New Employee Onboarding

Everyone in your organization looks to you for your direction and inspiration. But communicating core messages – and how they translate into day-to-day activities – is tough given your  availability.

Our workshops help you inspire and align everyone in your organization so that it
remains as competitive and nimble as possible.

Executive - Upcoming Workshops - Learn More

Turn Your Mission, Vision and Values into Everyone’s Reality:
Employee Communications that Reinforce the Foundations of Your Organization’s Success

Get Your Message Heard, Understood and Adopted:
Employee Communications that Mobilize and Unify Everyone in Your Organization

Project Managers:
You have to juggle multiple schedules, resources and priorities while rolling out key initiatives like updating strategies and implementing new technologies. It feels like you’re ‘herding cats’ – cats that don’t understand
the projects you lead help them.

Our workshops help you leverage employee communications so you can
keep your projects on time and on budget.

Project Manager - Upcoming Workshops - Learn More

Make a Positive and Real Difference Now:
Employee Communications that Arm New Professionals Project Managers

Keep Your Project on the Rails:
Employee Communications that Ensure Your Projects are On Budget and On Time

What people say about working with us

‘I learned so much that my brain hurts…but, in a good way’.

“Loved the real and proven ‘in the trenches’ stories with practical tips we could apply to our own situations.”

‘Employee communications strategies and tactics that have proven to be effective and inspiring. I’ve been Sherpa-d.’

‘Very engaging – Good info that related back to what we are ( or more likely) aren’t doing.
Great ideas to take back to the office.’

Who we are

Andrew Brown

Communications Practitioner. Author.
Helping you see the forest for the trees, out-of-position pine cones and squirrels with a bad attitude.

For over 25 years, Andrew Brown has been an ‘organization junkie‘ – helping companies harness communications to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. He has inspired teams of communication professionals while leading internal (and external) communications for complex multinational organizations. He has also served with agencies optimizing communications for top tier clients. As such, Andrew has honed the skills from his Master’s in Managing Organizational Change across industries, including: Accounting, Architecture, Associations, Banking, Construction, Engineering, Facilities Management, Hospitality, Insurance, Legal Services, IaaS, Loyalty Marketing, Municipal Government, Outdoor Advertising, Real Estate, Recruitment, Reinsurance, Software Development and SaaS.

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Andrew’s methods on how managers and executives can tap into communications to achieve business goals have been widely published, including in: Canadian Business, The Financial Post, Profit and Software Business Growth. He is the author of the ‘Do or Die Communications’ series for Arlene Dickinson’s blog, the ‘C-Suite Communications Toolkit’ blog series and the ‘Build Business Through Strong Relationships’ book series.

Beatles not Stones. Bagel not croissant. Hiking not hammock.
According to Elizabeth, Andrew is that guy who orders too much dim sum.

Communicator, teacher, writer, consultant.
I help you say what you mean and get on with your day.

Elizabeth started out as a journalist but soon learned the hours were better in corporate communications. She has since worked in the insurance, technology, advertising, telecommunications, cannabis and financial services sectors in a variety of senior communications, brand and marketing roles. Prior to the Academy of Business Communications, she was head of brand and communications at ADP Canada. She has a Master’s degree in Professional Communications, with a research focus on executive communication. She writes a syndicated blog, speaks at conferences and is a part-time professor at Centennial College

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Over the past 20 years she has worked with companies including Rogers, Shoppers Drug Mart, TELUS, The Beer Store, Constellation Software, Bank of Montreal, and Aon to help them tell their stories and engage their employees and customers in meaningful conversations. When she isn’t doing all of this, Elizabeth is negotiating with her children, refereeing soccer, cooking, or golfing very badly. She secretly wants to be a figure skater.

Brubeck not Bieber. Whiskey not beer. Soccer not football.
According to Andrew, Elizabeth is perpetually curious and genuinely fun despite being right far too often.

Elizabeth Williams

Our promise

The journey to authentic, awesome and aligned communications is exhilarating. But it’s scary too. That’s because, regardless of the strategies, tactics or tools, communicating for your organization is personal – and means harnessing a range of difficult emotions. So that your journey is always safe, here is our promise to you:

We focus on what matters to you.

After all, only you know the dynamics unique to your organization.

You are not expected to have all the answers or be perfect.

That’s right it’s okay to be fallible.

We provide you with practical tools and guidance.

That’s because we want you to feel confident and empowered when developing and rolling out your communications.

You will be welcomed into a community of communications professionals.

That’s because we want you to be supported with ongoing learning to ensure your continued success – even well after you’ve completed our workshops.

We will always ‘tell it like it is’.

That’s because to guide you safely we must be honest. And, like all good guides, we only succeed if you arrive at your destination safely.

You will have fun as we learn from one another.

That’s because we are passionate about guiding professionals to develop and roll out authentic, awesome and aligned communications.

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• How Executives Can Build a Brand as a Strong Leader Inside an Organization

• How Executives Can Repair Their Broken Brands Within an Organization

• How Executives Can Inspire Employees During Tough Times

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